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Denny Carleton Hilton Head


ill be playing April 25 today from 4-5 at Caretta Coffee 101 Pope Ave at Coligny Plaza  in Hilton Head. 

Choir Release

Denny Carleton Extended Weekend


Big extended weekend of playing....

Thursday Chesterland wiyj John Hlavka and Art Lazar Tavern 8-11
Friday Farmers Market in Euclid from 4-6 with Rich Harmon
Friday 7-730 Worship and Praise for healing service at St Cosmas and damian
Saturday Rich and Denny 7-10 Moorehouse downtown Willoiughby
Sunday 9-10 Contemporary service FPCW
Sunday 11-12 Advent Lutheran Mentor 11-12
Sunday 7-9 Prayer meeting at St Cosmas and Damian

St Augustine Camping


I play this every year. I do music at the mass for the  residents pf St Agustines who get to enjoy a week at Camp Cheerful  We then eat and then have smores around a campfire as I do a sing a long.They did an article today in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about thye weeks activities.Great idea for all assisted living and nursing homes click for link to article

Welcome To My World first chapter

Coming Back To You Denny Carleton and Randy Klawon

Good Friday Psalm


Remember Me

He Is Just What You'd Expect Love To Be

Back To The Garden featuring Brandon Sinkovic

Free MP3 Download PICK IT UP


An environmental acoustic song with a heavy metal chord structure. FREE MP3 for link PICK IT UP  #Pick It Up

Article in Cleveland Business Connects


Nice Article a few years ago about my Fine Arts Association in Willoughby Denny Carleton and Friends coffeehouseIn Cleveland Business Connects. click for article

New Songs on Spotify


I have some new songs on Spotify and You Tube streaming...

  • Shadowlands- Valley Of Tears
  • If we seek your face will you heal this land-
  • Down on Neff Road
  • Searching For a simple love

Denny Carleton and Friends


Fine Arts Association 

Denny Carleton and the Elements John Hlavka , Ed Mills , Mike Fink, Jason Jenisek

Ritchie Ritch and the Rotaters
Al Globekar, Randy KLawon, Richard Anderson ,Dan Klawon, Norm Issac, Jim Bonfanti

Steve Mramor with Cathy Finegan Susan Gaydos and John Hlavka

Rich and Denny – Rich Harmon and Denny Carleton
Denny Carleton and Leah Beardslee

Denny Carleton On You Tube


On  You Tube my entire catalog of music is there plus special videos...just type Denny Carleton into You Tube to listen

Guitar teaching books

E book kindle 99cents

Love Love Love

Christmas excerpt from my book


Our first Christmas together, I decided to visit Brenda and stay at the Red Roof Inn which was close to her house.  She and her boys, Anthony and Casey, were going to church together that night on Christmas Eve. I didn't feel quite comfortable enough yet to join them.  This was the year of the George Bush – Barack Obama transition.  The stock and the housing market crashed, GM was going under and people seemed to be genuinely scared.  It was snowing outside and I had a bittersweet feeling in my heart as I looked out to see only two or three cars in the parking lot at the Red Roof Inn.

     I saw a young woman who seemed about nineteen years old and roughly eight and one-half months pregnant.  She was with a man wearing long hair; both a little scruffy.  They were really very grateful having found a room at the inn.  The whole scene had an unreal feeling about it.  I sensed the presence of angels and then I realized this was how it was with Joseph and Mary, except they didn’t get a room at the inn.  I thought to myself, Christmas/Christianity, over time, has been made into so many different things other than the humble beginning it really was.  Two young, and seemingly poor, people were looking for a place to stay at the inn.  This reminded me of a song I wrote for Christmas:


Don’t forget the presents

The wrapping and the bows

Don’t forget the eggnog

And the mistletoe


And don’t forget the star

That hangs upon the tree

And don’t forget your family

And don’t forget about Me


And don’t forget about Jesus

He’s the one from Galilee

He was born in a stable

But He died for you and me


Don’t forget about Jesus

There was no room at the Inn

And if we’re not careful

It could happen again



Denny Carleton Memoir Review


Welcome to My World, the memoirs of Cleveland musician Denny Carleton is a wonderful and inspiring read!  Journeying from the 1960’s to present day, this book takes a nostalgic look at Cleveland music as seen through the eyes of an accomplished musician/composer and teacher. More than a mere historical review, it is a moving and spiritual work, well with its time.

  Bob Soeder – Director of Music/Liturgy, St. Monica Church

New Video Denny Carleton

Denny Carleton at Hildegarden


Friday October 7 I'll be playing the grand opening of the coffeehouse at the Hildegarden 630 Plum Street Fairport Harbor from 7:30 -9 . I'll do my originals and talk a little about each song. My CDs will be available to purchase and also my book which is my memoir Welcome to My World.My book is also available at Amazon and kindle.

Denny praising the Lord this weekend


Ill be leading praise and worship for the Charismatic travelling mass Friday Sept 30 at St Mary of The Immaculate Conception in Wooster . Praise starts at 7 and the Mass starts at 7:30.

Sunday Oct 2 I'l be leading praise at St Cosmas and Damian in Twinsburg from 7-9. Fr Michael Stalla will speak and coordinate the meeting. 
with Gerry Wrobel.Fr Mike was in El Salvador for 7 years before becoming the pastor at St Cosmas and Damian

Denny Carleton radio WERE

Denny Carleton Kindle


Starting on July 17th at some time during the day  you will be able to download the kindle version of my memoir fwelcome to my world for 99.cents and then the price increaing during the week to 4.99..of cours you can still purchase the paperback at regular price

A dream deferred ( aprayer for non violence)


A Dream Deferred ( A Prayer For Non Violence)
was inspired when I read a music history book which said "Madrigals were songs sung by minstrells often about societies problems and were often sad".I thought of our racial division and misunderstandings and this song came about. 
A Dream Deferred ( A Prayer For Non Violence)
Left and right, black and white dream deferred sleeping
Stop the fight, see the light my guitar is weeping
Oh sweet Lord we cant afford another night of grieiving
Where's the fruit, within in the root of those that are deceiving
Still I'm sad, makes me mad, wher is hope growing
We must go on, we must stay strong till mercies overflowing

Denny Carleton'S Health


To all my friends on face book. Since 1965 I have been playing music with  good health.In Jan 2015 I went for a colonoscopy,and they found I had a 5 inch growth growing on my appendix and wrapped around my colon.The appendix was removed, the growth was benign and the colon was reconstructed. After a 5 week recovery I was told I had a severe 4 plus mitral valve problem and also two by passes, were needed.if they  got in and operated soon (like in a year)

There we would be no damage to the heart. A wise Cleveland Clinic surgeon performed the successful surgery on April 5 2016.I am grateful for those who knew of this situation for your prayers  and well wishes :I feel loved .For those who didn't know about my surgeries, I didn't want make it public since  I had No experience in these things and I didn't have it in me to answer a ton of questions, which I didn't understand. Also I felt the hand of Jesus and God the Father all the way, with guidance of the Holy Spirit. As it says in the scriptures he will never leave you or forsake and He was right there in so many ways I could write a  book about it. In about a month I'll be back following my calling in music , and I feel great.  Thanks again and God bless.


Denny Carletons music explained in one paragraph


Denny Carleton's music explained in one paragraph

I (Denny Carleton) started playing and writing music in the 1960's which was e very different musical time than today.One of the albums that influenced me the most was the Beatles white album which explored many different genres of music. They did blackbird acoustic to helter skelter which was hard rock  to Mawelle silver hammer to child like songs like   obla di obla da. That made sense to me and i have nevr varied from that style in my own writing.But in todays marketing techniques you should go with a certain style of music capitalize on it by focusing on your target market that will like your specific style. So i have come to the conclusion that there may be some confusion about my many styles of music and text. My music is retro, singer songwriter acoustic,Christian, Catholic,theatrical, avante garde, satirical,classical,jazz and Brit pop So here is a Guide a musical GPS.These are all available on I Tunes and CD Baby except the mass of St Gabriel which is a free download with sheet music on this web site.

       1960s and 1970s

Retro---Cuts from the Lost Souls,the Choir and Moses and some Brit Pop

Hello Cleveland Cuts from the Lost Souls,the Choir and Moses and some Brit pop


Whiskey Island- Acoustic with rock and jazz and blues influenced

Between a rock and a hard place-Folk

Everything I want(money cant buy single)

         Brit pop

This is your life

My rust belt-single Denny with Randy Klawon



Beautifal Spring -Acoustic

I can see a rainbow-Acoustic Rock

Get Back to The garden-Acoustic with a Beat

Thank You for the day -Light rock

I want to be where Angels sing-Contemporay Christian with Randy Klawon


Living Saints -songs about saints

Mass of St Gabriel the guardian Angel

Psalms-responsoriel songs for mass

           Avante garde

   Color with crayons

   Think tank


Journey to the manger-single

Christmas comes once a year

Don't Forget about Jesus


Birthday -single

- See more at:

My Guitar Theory Book Is Now Available On Amazon

Uploads ,videos,streaming and blogs


In the past times I would write a song then play it for my friends and then  play it out either with a band or solo then wait a while till I had 12 songs and pu out CD.Now you write a song play it live someone tapes it and puts it on Facebook and you tube then you release it as a single make a home made video send it To CD baby then see how many downloads and streams you get on Spotify and I tunes    at times because I write a lot I'm not sure what I should do next.I could do this all day sending more music making videos etc. All of these projects does not include my book I have written or the 7 years of radio in would like to archive.I could use help but I do have faith in the Lord that there is a plan to all of music for me is a labor of love.its artistic's almost and I say almost to me a sacrament .I!m not complaining I'm beginning to blog 

Denny Carleton's Book Now Available At Libraries


Denny Carleton's Book Now Available At Libraries

 My book Welcome To My World  which is available on Amazon and Kindle is now available at the following libraries.

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County ,Mentor,Willoughby,Eastlake,Wickliffe, Twinsburg, Euclid

and Oberlin's Conservatory of Music.

Be thankful on Thanksgiving


Here is an excerpt from my book about being thankful

Steve, Sandy and I were asked to play at the Charismatic Conference. Speakers at the conference included Father Larry Richards and Mark Nemo, a wonderful speaker from Keyna who now resides in Chicago. Mark performed a skit that I will never forget. He brought three participants to the stage. Each was given a big balloon by the actor who was playing the part of God. One participant was afraid and sat on the balloon, another broke it in anger, but the third participant was grateful. He played with the balloon joyfully and began to throw it to others in the audience with complete abandonment and hillarious joy; the balloon was then thrown back to him. Of coure the balloon bounced in several weird ways which made it even more colorful. The message; use your gifts, be thankful and share.





I have written the parts for a mass, and St Gabriel in Concord Ohio is using it for all weekend masses until Advent. It's part of a year long celebration commemorating their 50th anniversary as a parish.What an honor.I originally had titled the music the Mass of The Guardian Angel, but they asked if it could be called Mass of St Gabriel. You can hear sound samples and a lead sheet of the Mass of St Gabriel on my website Click on the link mass of St Gabriel .It's a free download of the lead sheet and music and everyone has copyright permission to use it.

The band Moses. Pictures

Two New Singles and New CD On CD Baby


Two new singles and CD on CD BABY





Denny Carleton: Psalms

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