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I have written the parts for a mass, and St Gabriel in Concord Ohio is using it for all weekend masses until Advent. It's part of a year long celebration commemorating their 50th anniversary as a parish.What an honor.I originally had titled the music the Mass of The Guardian Angel, but they asked if it could be called Mass of St Gabriel. You can hear sound samples and a lead sheet of the Mass of St Gabriel on my website Click on the link mass of St Gabriel .It's a free download of the lead sheet and music and everyone has copyright permission to use it.

Welcome To My World Blog-Kindle Download

Welcome To My World Blog 

I am entering into a new season of my life.My memoir "Welcome to my world" will be published within the next couple of weeks as a paperback and in a kindle format. i am going to enter activities of my little section of the universe a few times a week, with small stories, updates, and links to  stuff. Stay tuned if you want to and if you don't that's ok.Writers write, and musicians play  because if we didn't we wouldn't know what to do and we would either get depressed or bored.

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The band Moses. Pictures

My friend Brian Sands has posted some pictures of a band I played in on Facebook

Two New Singles and New CD On CD Baby

Two new singles and CD on CD BABY





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