Getting Back to Normal (Whatever that means)

The all consuming Choir Artifact reunion and show is done and now it’s time to go back to the rest of my life .Jim Randy and I practiced 2 times with Tonja and Lori,our female backup singers before the whole band with Kenny and Phil got back in town . I had to miss Sundays practice because I had a commitment to do a healing mass at my parish but we then practiced 6 hours a day from Monday to Thursday with a day off on Friday. Our sound check for Saturdays show was at 1230 to play at 945. As I said it was all consuming. 

  So this week starting today on Friday I did the youth church service at Matre Dei Acadamy and this afternoon I will go to Al Globekar studio to listen to the mix of the opening track of my new Americana sounding Cd produced by Al.i also am getting ready to let people know the Lost Souls,which was my first band ,have a CD out with a 32 page booklet .You can purchase it on my website in the store . 

Saturday I will do a solo acoustic gig at the Great Scott Tavern in Euclid . I do a combination of originals oldies and contemporary quirky Americana singer Also i will play twice at church on Sunday at the Presbyterian in the morning and the Catholic Charismatic’s in the evening .Monday I will finish off my Mass whic I composed and is approved by the United States Catholic Bishops .. I have lived this tightrope Narrow walk between church and rregular cool musi gigs for 50 years. I see them is a different but the same . I have a lot to be thankful for especially for my wife who I have to come home to and just do regular things like walk watch movies talk and relax 

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