Denny Carleton

Singer Songwriter

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

by Denny Carleton

Released 1987
Released 1987
Folk home tape.
Between A Rock and a Hard Place REVIEW REVIEW-BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Ritchie Unterberger All Music Guide

---There's nothing trendy about Carleton's home tapes, even in the lo-fi world. This not lo-fi in a sense that makes it hard to listen to.The music is tuneful, personal, folky rock, with a likably grainy, yearning quality to the vocals.

Lyrics have a plaintive, hopeful quality, and are slightly eccentric: what is one to make, for instance, of the line "Some men do it in churches, some men do it by tearing butterflies in half"?

Denny's idiosyncratic pop has a consistent warmth and sincerity, and his vocals have a quavering direct quality that one finds in Roger Mcguinn and a young David Bowie.

This tape could benefit from better production, but maybe not; in the climate of 1987, it's hard to imagine a record label getting hold of this material without trying to sand it down to normal pop, instead of concentrating on making the performances and arrangements a little tighter. -- ,