My Rust Belt

by Denny Carleton & Randy Klawon

Released 2014
Denny Carleton and Randy Klawon
Released 2014
Denny Carleton and Randy Klawon
A tribute song written by Denny Carleton and produced by Randy Klawon about Northeastern Ohio and our beloved rust belt
Denny Carleton and Randy Klawon, former members of the Choir (It's Cold Outside) have joined forces. Denny sings his song My Rust Belt and Randy has arranged it and produced it in his recording studio. Denny does the vocals and Randy plays the instruments in this tribute to our beloved Northeastern Ohio rust belt.

My Rust Belt

I was helping clean out my mothers’ house to either rent or sell, and I went up to the dollar store and got a refill on my Swiffer and a granola bar. I said to my friend David, We’re living large in the rust blet , and that’s what inspired this song.

Went down to the dollar store, got a granola bar
Got a refill on my Swiffer, got a dollar slipper
Sometimes the money goes so far
Can you imagine the way I felt, I went home and had a tuna melt
I’ve been livin large in my rust belt

My car is running hot and cold 200,000 miles and still on the road
We bounce around a lot we may need new shocks
Hey that’s rock n roll
But when the snow begins to melt I get up from where I knelt
I’ve been livin large in my rust belt

Some out of Towner’s say we have it together
There are those who say we are bound and fettered
Speaking for me it’s getting better

From the suburbs to the parking lots
We get up each day and give it what we’ve got
Running through those orange barrels
At times the path is very narrow
Sometimes it’s what your not

Can you imagine the way I felt put on your safety belt
It’s not that hard, when my hearts enlarged, I will be discharged,
From the entourage who build the camouflage
In my rust belt